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Current Kohl Group postdocs, grad students, project students, and visitors.


Ee (Chris) Chong
"Spatiotemporally multiplexed 2-photon imaging"
(since 2016, Wellcome Trust)

Mariangela Panniello
"Input-output relationships in somatosensory processing"
(from Dec 2016, Wellcome Trust)

Research Assistants and Lab Managers

Inês Barreiros
"Role of PV+ inhibitory interneurons in somatosensory processing."
(2016-2020, BBSRC Scholarship)

Graduate students

Ana Bottura de Barros
"Linking neocortex and hippocampus – The Role of Retrosplenial Cortex in Associative Memory."
(2015-2018, CNPq Scholarship)

Suzanne Scott
"Novel pharmacological tools for the functional dissection of different GABAergic interneuron populations."
(2015-2018, Wellcome Trust Scholarship)

Severin Limal
"Unravelling principles of multisensory processing in vS1 and A1."

Project students

Mr Steven Middleton
"Calcium dynamics in vS1 neurons during somatosensory processing."
(2016, Wellcome Trust OXION Rotation Student, Oxford)

Ms Karyna Mishchanchuk
"Timing-dependent plasticity rules in the retrosplenial cortex."
(2016-2017, FHS Biomedical Sciences, Oxford)


Prof Jeehyun Kwag, Korea University.
On sabbatical leave during academic year 2016/17.
(2016-17, Collaborator, Seoul)