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We develop novel approaches for recording and manipulating the function of large populations of neurons.

Our work is at the very frontier of current neuroscience research. We therefore rely on actively co-developing novel methodology to aid address our research questions in the best way possible. Through a long-standing collaboration with Prof Tony Wilson's Scanning Optical Microscopy Group and the Dynamic Optics and Photonics Group, lead by Prof Martin Booth we have particular experience with the development of new optical methods. Some ongoing projects include:

  1. Development of a novel, spatially multiplexed 2-photon imaging method to enable the simultaneous optical recording of neural activity in different cortical layers.
  2. We continue to improve our holographic 2-photon stimulation using spatial light modulators. This approach is useful for optically stimulating select populations of neurons in 3D.
  3. We also work with Prof Radu Aricescu and his lab on developing novel genetic tools for studying inhibitory interneurons.