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Our lab studies fundamental processes involved in sensory processing, and learning & memory – research topics that, while very much basic science, everyone can relate to. Our team members very much enjoy sharing our research with the wider public through a wide range of activities.

Michael gives intro talk about electrophysiology and imaging to Oxford Prospects students before taking them on the lab tour.
Michael giving intro talk to Oxford Prospects Students


in2scienceUK is an award winning charity which empowers students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential and progress to STEM and research careers through high quality work placements and careers guidance.

We host 2-week placements for year 12 students during the summer holiday.

Oxford Prospects Programme

The Oxford Prospects Programmes (OPP) at Regent’s Park College, a collaboration sponsored by Regent’s Park and Shanghai MEC, works to promote education exchanges between institutions of higher education in China and the UK.

Our lab hosts student visits multiple times a year. We explain our research in the context of societal challenges to a diverse group of students from all sorts of disciplines and introduce them to cutting-edge science on tours of our lab.

Native Scientist

Native Scientist is a network of international scientists created to tackle educational disadvantage through science outreach in schools. Native Scientist brings together role models and immigrant pupils to promote science and language integrated learning. Specific aims include: 1) to inspire ethnic minority pupils to pursue higher education and consider STEM careers; 2) to empower international scientists to increase the impact of their research; and 3) to build a community of advocates for diversity and equality in education and the workforce.

Our lab-members visit schools and explain the brain and neuroscience through interactive games and activities.

Natural History Museum Science Stalls

Together with the Butt Lab we frequently host a stall during special events in the Oxford Natural History Museum. For example, we explained Brain Evolution and Electrophysiology during the 2018 Brain Awareness Week and helped illustrated the neuronal principles underlying movement during the Museum Late Night: Illuminating Movement event in May 2018. See our twitter feed for more info and photos.