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News from the lab.

  • May/18: Natural History Museum Late Night
    Our stall, “A Mind to Move”, illustrated how the brain generates movements and how the underlying mechanism is conserved across species.
  • May/18: Welcome Afrah and Mitch!
    Afrah Shibu and Mitchell Mealing join the lab for their FHS projects. Afrah will study laminar-specific neural coding principles in somatosensory processing and Mitch will investigate intrinsic connectivity in the retrosplenial cortex. Welcome both!
  • Mar/18: Brain Awareness Week
    Together with the Butt Lab we host a stall in the Natural History Museum explaining Brain Evolution and Electrophysiology.
  • Jan/18: Welcome Marta!
    Marta Blanco Pozo joins us for her Hilary Term M.Sc in Neuroscience rotation project. She will examine the relative benefits of unsupervised vs. supervised learning methods in extracting information from spiking neural activity.
  • Dec/17: Congrats to Ana and Sev!
    Ana Carolina Bottura de Barros and Severin Limal passed their Confirmation of Status, and Transfer of Status, respectively with flying colours!
  • Oct/17: Welcome James and Tai
    James Rowland and Tai-Ying Lee join the lab for their D.Phil projects. James will investigate the role of inhibition in generating sparse neural codes. Tai will study the role of top-down retrosplenial inputs in somatosensory processing.
  • Sep/17: Congrats James, Nils, Roman and Veronika!
    All our 2016-17 M.Sc rotation project students pass their viva with flying colours. Congratulations to all new Masters of (Neuro)Science!
  • Apr/17: Welcome Zoe!
    Zoe Curtis joins us for her FHS project. She will study synaptic plasticity rules in the superficial and deep layers of the retrosplenial cortex.
  • Apr/17: Welcome James and Veronika!
    James Rowland and Veronika Samborska join us for their Trinity Term M.Sc Neuroscience project. James will study the role of inhibition in spike propagation in the somatosensory cortex. Veronika will be testing the role of the retrosplenial cortex in associative memory with cell-type specific optogenetics.
  • Mar/17: Oxford McGill ZNZ Partnership Grant!
    Awarded Oxford McGill ZNZ Partnership Grant with Prof Gil Bub on fast multi-planar neuronal imaging.
  • Feb/17: Nerdy speed dating
    Michael goes speed dating at Cosyne 2017 and matches with Kording and Sen lab-members. The beginning of beautiful friendships...
  • Feb/17: Multiplexed imaging
    Chris presents paper on our newest tool for fast multiplane functional imaging combining acousto-optic switching and remote focusing at Photonics West 2017.
  • Jan/17: Welcome Nils and Roman!
    Nils Nyberg and Roman Rothaermel join us for their Hilary Term M.Sc Neuroscience project. Nils will be testing the role of the retrosplenial cortex in associative memory with cell-type specific optogenetics in behavioural tests. Roman will investigate the interaction of multisensory representations during learning using 2p imaging in vivo.
  • Dec/16: Welcome Mariangela!
    Following her successful D.Phil defence, Mariangela Panniello joins us for post-doctoral work on sensory information processing using multiplexed 2-photon imaging.
  • Dec/16: New collaboration.
    We started working with sciNote to adapt their electronic lab notebook to our electrophysiology-imaging-behaviour workflow and thereby improve and simplify traceability of data for deposition in open access archives.
  • Nov/16: Congrats Aaron!
    Aaron wins First Prize at the University of Calgary Neuroscience Student Association Research Night 2016 with his work on synaptic plasticity in the retrosplenial cortex.
  • Oct/16: Welcome Jee!
    Our close collaborator and colleague, Prof Jeehyun Kwag, head of the Neural Computation Laboratory at Korea University, Seoul, returns to Oxford to join the lab for her sabbatical 2016/17.
  • Oct/16: Welcome Severin!
    Severin Limal joins us for graduate studies towards a D.Phil in Neuroscience. In collaboration with the King and Walker labs, he will be investigating the integration of auditory and somatosensory stimuli.
  • Jun/16: Welcome Aaron!
    As part of the Oxford Hotchkiss Brain Institute Summer Student Exchange Scheme, Aaron Lanz joins us from Calgary for a three month project to study synaptic plasticity rules in the retrosplenial cortex.
  • May/16: Welcome Matt!
    Matthew Tran from our Linc Lab collaborators in Toronto joins us for the summer to learn advanced imaging methods.
  • May/16: Welcome Karyna!
    Biomedical Science student Karyna Mishchanchuk joins the lab for her FHS project. She will study synaptic plasticity in the retrosplenial cortex.
  • Mar/16: Welcome Chris!
    Dr Ee (Chris) Chong, on secondment from Prof Martin Booth's Dynamic Optics and Photonics Group, joins the lab to help set-up spatially multiplexed imaging on our two-photon rig.
  • Mar/16: Good Luck Stevie!
    Stevie just submitted his FHS thesis. Really well done! Let's hope the examiners agree... Good luck with Finals!!!
  • Oct/15: Welcome Suzanne!
    Wellcome Trust Neuroscience DTP student Suzanne Scott joins the lab for her D.Phil project. She will study inhibitory circuit function using novel pharmacological tools.
  • Sep/15: Congratulations!
    Inês and Marta defend their MSc theses and both receive top marks for their work in the lab. Well done!
  • Jun/15: Science without borders grant
    Ana receives prestigious Science Without Borders Scholarship.
  • May/15: Welcome Stevie!
    Stephen Wilson joins the lab for his FHS project. He will use optogenetics to map inputs into the retrosplenial cortex.
  • May/15: Research in Conversation
    Michael discusses memory function.
  • May/15: HFSP Award
    2015 Research Grant for an integrated multi-level investigation of neural codes in sensory processing.
  • Jan/15: Welcome Ana!
    Ana Carolina Bottura de Barros joins the lab as a graduate student for a D.Phil in Physiology. She will investigate structure and function of the retrosplenial cortex.
  • Jan/15: Welcome Marta!
    Marta Huelin Gorriz joins the lab from Amsterdam for her MSc Neuroscience project as part of the Erasmus+ programme. She will study how different types of cortical inhibition modulate thalamic input.
  • Oct/14: 5' with ...
    Michael speaks with Phenotype Science Journal about setting up lab in Oxford.
  • Oct/14: PNAS paper out
    Our latest paper demonstrating lateralisation of memory function – left CA3 activity is more critical for associative memory than right CA3. Highlighted in Nature Neuroscience Reviews and Access the recommendation on F1000Prime
  • Oct/14: Welcome Inês!
    Inês Barreiros joins the lab from Coimbra for her MSc Neuroscience project as part of the Erasmus+ programme. She will study the role of fast vs. slow inhibition in somatosensory processing.