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Computational Genomics and High-throughput Sequencing

CGAT Team members
CGAT Team members

CGAT is an MRC funded programme to train future leaders in computational genomics and address the analysis and interpretation bottle neck that impedes the adoption of high-throughput sequencing technology.

CGAT assists UK groups in their analysis of next-generation sequencing data. CGAT provides expertise, computational capacity and a dedicated post-doctoral researcher. CGAT is a scientific programme and not a service. Assistance is provided on a collaborative basis, and focused on gleaning important biological conclusions from large data sets.

CGAT trains scientists at post-doctoral level in the analysis of next-generation sequencing data. Post-doctoral trainees in the CGAT group benefit from in-house training, but also the biological insights of collaborators. Working on a variety of projects, trainees accumulate expertise in genome sequencing-related fields, as well as high profile publications.

Our philosophy is to automate all workflows. We generate tailored reports for each project we work on and share these with our collaborators in order to collaboratively drive the interpretation of the data. We believe in open-source and code-sharing in academia and make all our tools and pipelines freely available.






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