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Workshops and science clubs in St Nicholas Primary School
Workshops and science clubs in St Nicholas Primary School

Helen Christian leads a Science parents network which runs science workshops at the primary school that her children attend. She also gives talks in her research area at secondary schools, offers work-experience placements to students from local state schools and leads a workshop in Medicine and Biomedical Science in the UNIQ Summer Schools for state school students.

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Primary Schools
Helen is lead coordinator of St Nicholas’ Science parent network, a group of parents in STEM careers who run workshops and science clubs in St Nicholas Primary School. They run larger scale events in school in National Science week and Helen was filmed in 2013 by National Science Week organisers running a ‘hormones’ activity which is used in their promotional material.

Secondary School
Helen has given talks at school Biomedical clubs (Headington School, Oxford High School).

Oxford Access
Helen leads workshops in the Medicine and Biomedical Sciences UNIQ Summer School courses.
She has also presented talks about her research and applying to Oxford courses at the Oxford-Cambridge student conferences for the past 5 years.

The Christian Lab also hosted two Secondary school pupils, year 11, for a work placement in 2013, as organised and approved by Oxfordshire County Council schools.

festivals & Events

Helen regularly partipates in the Science Bazaar held annually in National Science Week with a heart physiology stand at the Oxford Brookes. This is a fantastic event that attracts large numbers, particularly families.

Talks to the Public

Helen spoke at the National Science Week ‘Ideas factory’ at Sci Bar Oxford Port Mahon September 2013.

Social Networking


  • Endocrinology focus - @HelenChristia19
  • St Nicholas Science Parents - @StNicsScience