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© 2017 IOP Publishing Ltd. We have developed a model of the nonlinear polariton dynamics in realistic 3D non-planar microcavity wires in the driven-dissipative regime. We find that the typical microcavity optical bistability evolves into multistability upon variation of the model parameters. The origin of the multistability is discussed in detail. We apply linear perturbation analysis to modulational instabilities, and identify conditions for localisation of composite multi-mode polariton solitons in the triggered parametric oscillator regime. Further, we demonstrate stable polariton soliton propagation in tilted and tapered waveguides, and determine maximum tilt angles for which solitons still exist. Additionally, we study soliton amplitude and velocity dependence on the wire width, with a view to engineering quantum photonic devices.

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Journal of Optics (United Kingdom)

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