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In a search for ω mesic states, the production of ω-mesons in coincidence with forward going protons has been studied in photon induced reactions on 12C for incident photon energies of 1250-3100 MeV. The π0γ pairs from decays of bound or quasi-free ω-mesons have been measured with the CBELSA/TAPS detector system in coincidence with protons registered in the MiniTAPS forward array. Structures in the total energy distribution of the π0γ pairs, which would indicate the population and decay of bound ω 11B states, are not observed. The π0γ cross section of 0.3 nb MeV-1 sr-1 observed in the bound state energy regime between -100 and 0 MeV may be accounted for by yield leaking into the bound state regime because of the large in-medium width of the ω-meson. A comparison of the measured total energy distribution with calculations suggests the real part V0 of the ω 11B potential to be small and only weakly attractive with V0(ρ = ρ0) = - 15 ± 35(stat) ± 20(syst) MeV in contrast to some theoretical predictions of attractive potentials with a depth of 100-150 MeV. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

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Journal article


Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics

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26 - 32