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Protein degradation is known to affect memory formation after extinction learning. We demonstrate here that an inhibitor of protein degradation, MG132, interferes with memory formation after extinction learning in a classical appetitive conditioning paradigm. In addition, we find an enhancement of memory formation when the same inhibitor is applied after initial learning. This result supports the idea that MG132 targets an ongoing consolidation process. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the sensitivity of memory formation after initial learning and extinction learning to MG132 depends in the same way on the number of CS-US trials and the intertrial interval applied during initial learning. This supports the idea that the learning parameters during acquisition are critical for memory formation after extinction and that protein degradation in both learning processes might be functionally linked.

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Journal article


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470 - 477


Animals, Bees, Conditioning, Classical, Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitors, Extinction, Psychological, Leupeptins, Memory, Multivariate Analysis, Proteins, Proteolysis, Time Factors