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AIR9 is an essential microtubule-associated protein from Arabidopsis. Sequence similarity searches indicate homologues of AIR9 in land plants and in excavate protists, including trypanosomatid parasites and Trichomonas. The AIR9-like protein from Trypanosoma brucei was recently detected in the proteome of the trypanosome flagellum, raising the possibility that trypanosomatid AIR9-like proteins also associate with microtubules. Because microtubule functions are essential to the viability of trypanosomatid parasites AIR9-like proteins may be exploited as drug targets without homology in humans. We further discuss the unexpected phylogeny of AIR9-like proteins from plants and protozoans.


Journal article


Plant Signal Behav

Publication Date





296 - 299


A9 domain, Excavata, cortical microtubules, flagellum, plant, preprophase band