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On 6th Dec. 2017, the department welcomed a delegation from our long term research collaborator Momentum Pharmaceutical Company from China led by the CEO of the Company, Mr Wang BaoAn. Momentum has been sponsoring a research programme in DPAG to study the antiarrhythmic cellular electrophysiological mechanism of a China patented medicine Xin Su Ning (XSN) that is prescribed in China to treat tachycardia arrhythmias. The study led by Dr Yu-ling Ma’s group has found that XSN is a class III antiarrhythmic medicine.

To expand the research of XSN, Momentum propose to support the development of a Chinese Medicine Research Group in the Department to facilitate postgraduate training and academic exchanges in the wider field of Chinese medicine .

The signing ceremony for the establishment of the Group was held at the VC’s office in the Clarendon Building of the University in the presence of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Dr Robert Easton and the Education Minister Chancellor of the Chinese Embassy, Mr Wang YongLi. Mr Ed Nash from the university international office was also presented at the ceremony. The head of DPAG, Professor David Paterson signed the MOU on the behalf of the University, Mr Wang BaoAn signed as the China representative of the Group and Dr Yu-ling Ma signed the MOU as the Director of the Group. 


Dr Robert Easton (far left), Mr Wang (Momentum), Professor Paterson, Dr Ma and Mr Wang YongLi (far right)