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Professor Peter Robbins, Head of the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, was invited to present to the Deputy Premier of China on behalf of the Department on the collaborative research programme on Chinese medicine with Shaanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

A visiting delegation of Ministers and officials from various Chinese state Ministries led by the Deputy Premier of China, Madam Liu, attended a symposium on UK-China exchange and cooperation in culture, science & technology. The event was organised by the UK Department of Business, Technology and Skills (DBTS) and the China Ministry of Science and Technology and was held on 19th September 2015 at Diamond Light Source in Harwell.

Deputy Prime of ChinaProf Robbins's Chinese talk
Left to right: Deputy Premier of China & Professor Peter Robbins

Professor Peter Robbins was one of the six speakers invited to present, and gave a talk entitled "A programme of research into Chinese Herbal Medicine - In collaboration with the Shaanxi momentum Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd". Professor Robbins first introduced the Department’s past, present and future; he then stressed the compatibility of studying Chinese medicine in terms of the multi-component nature of the clinically effective Chinese medicine and the integrative study of physiology in DPAG. 

Professor Robbins’s talk captured the attention of the visiting Deputy Premier of China and the UK Minister of DBTS. The Deputy Premier Madam Liu showed a strong interest in this collaboration with the University of Oxford and stressed that such cooperation between the two nations should be encouraged. The UK DBTS Minister Mr Johnson also expressed that scientific research into Chinese medicine should bring wider opportunity for collaboration between the two nations in the future.