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The annual Mabel Fitzgerald Lecture is to take place this year on Tuesday 20th February at 4.30pm in the Large Lecture Theatre, Sherrington Building.

The talk, titled Mass spectrometry - from folding proteins to rotating motors, is due to be given by Professor Dame Carol Robinson, Doctor Lee's Professor of Chemistry here at the University of Oxford. 

Professor Robinson is the first female Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, after having also been the first female Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge.

This lecture series started in 2015 in connection with the Department's Athena Swan Bronze Award, for which we now have been awarded Silver, and in honour of the great female physiologist Mabel Fitzgerald. You can find out more about the lecture series and Mabel Fitzgerald here. 

The event this year will not only involve a lecture from Professor Robinson but also a drinks reception in the foyer after the talk.


All members of the University are welcome!