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Helen Christian leads a Science parents network which runs science workshops at the primary school that her children attend. She also gives talks in her research area at secondary schools, offers work-experience placements to students from local state schools and leads a workshop in Medicine and Biomedical Science in the UNIQ Summer Schools for state school students.


Louise Upton took part in a Science Night at Phil and Jim’s Primary School. Neurons made from pipe-cleaners were  “extracted” them from the spines of a number of children and used to show them how a sensory neuron and a motor neuron in the spine work. The pupils also looked at models of brains and learned how different regions have different functions.


Anna Veprik conducted an activity in her children's nursery as part of British Science Week. The activity included several fun, scientific experiments which they performed together involving different density liquids. Anna performed the activity twice, in two age groups.


Carolyn Carr has given a talk to school children in Tilehurst entitled Stem cells - where do we find them, why are they there and what can we do with them?