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Professor Li Yue-Qing

Professor and Consultant of Chinese medicine at the Teaching hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (Former Head of the hospital), a leading expert in treating male diseases using Chinese Medicine. His expertise including prostate disorders, male infertilities, sexual transmitted diseases, Urological disorders and common & rare surgical/topical/dermatological diseases.

Professor Li is one of the leading experts in Chinese medicine in China, a top national expert in Chinese Medicine honoured by the Chinese state council.  He holds leading positions in various professional and academic societies and associations in Chinese medicine, and he is the deputy Editor in chief of the Journal of Modern Clinical Chinese Medicine (现代中医临床杂志) and the deputy Head of editors of Chinese Clinical Doctors.

Professor Li will deliver a talk on 1) the principles of the use of Chinese herbal medicine, 2) the fundamental theory and practice of Chinese Medicine; and 3) rules and detoxification processes in the use of so-called toxic herbs in Chinese medicine. 



Dr Li Guo-Min

Dr Li graduated from medicine in NanJing in 1991. Through further learning and practice he becomes specialised in topical application of herbal medicine at acupuncture points. He is going to give a talk on the methods of this treatment, efficacy and its use in practice.



Dr Wei Dai-Hong

Dr Wei graduated from Xi’an University of Medicine in1996, in more than 20 years of medical practice he developed deep understanding of Chinese medicine and through practice he established his own expertise in treating various pain related disorders, in paediatric diseases and some rare diseases’ diagnosis and treatments using Chinese medicine theory and practice. He also developed a green treatment method by using topical applications of herbal medicine treating disorders related to neck, shoulders, back and limbs. He is going to talk about his experience and specialised treatment of patients.



Dr Zhao Lian-Guo

Dr Zhao graduated from Chang Chun University of Chinese Medicine, he is specialised in one of the acupuncture methods, called RenZhen(刃针),to treat cervical spondylosis, tenosynovitis, spinal disorders and arthrosis. He also use this methods in combination with topical application of herbal medicine to treat various conditions. He is going to share with us his experiences of using these methods of treatment in patients.

All the speakers will be happy to answer questions.