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A non-exhaustive selection of different public engagement activities in DPAG.

Ashcroft Group

Fran Ashcroft has written two popular science books, ‘The Spark of Life’ and ‘Life at the Extremes’. She also regularly gives public lectures and school talks. Her work has attracted attention from the media and she has given numerous radio and press interviews.

Christian Group

Helen Christian leads a Science parents network which runs science workshops at the primary school that her children attend. She also gives talks in her research area at secondary schools, offers work-experience placements to students from local state schools and leads a workshop in Medicine and Biomedical Science in the UNIQ Summer Schools for state school students.

Goberdhan Group

Deborah Goberdhan has the lead role in promoting and highlighting Outreach activities in DPAG. She is particularly interested in encouraging further participation in programmes within the university designed to inspire school children from a diverse range of backgrounds to apply to Oxford. She has been involved in events such as Soapbox Science and has also written a range of articles and blogs targeted at the general public.

MRC Functional Genomics Unit (FGU)

The MRC FGU is involved in a wide range of public activities. The high profile nature of the work from the Unit has attracted considerable radio, TV and press coverage. A wide range of unit members (from the Director to graduate students) have given lectures to the public, been involved in local and national science festivals and engaged with school children. Further activities have involved working with patient groups and charities and advising policy-makers. The Director – Professor Dame Kay Davies – has also been active in raising the profile of women in science

Noble Group

Denis Noble has an Emeritus position within the Department. He has given a wide range of plenary lectures at major international meetings, many of which have been triggered by interest in his book, ‘The Music of Life’.

Riley Group

Paul Riley is a regular attendee at the annual Cheltenham Science Festival in June each year. He has given a number of interviews on the radio and his breakthrough work in adult heart repair has been extensively covered in the press. He has also given a number of public lectures and is involved in fund raising for the British Heart Foundation’s Mending Broken Hearts campaign.

Schnupp Group

Jan Schnupp has been involved for many years in public engagement activities to inform members of the public about hearing and deafness as well as general aspects of brain function. The topics he has covered are wide-ranging, his approaches are very diverse, and he readily embraces opportunities to interact with artists and lay audiences, in an attempt to bridge the somewhat artificial and often unhelpful divide between arts and sciences.