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DPAG is involved in a wide range of cutting-edge biomedical research programmes. This work not only provides the environment for training researchers in Oxford, but is also presented in many different forums within the wider community. Academic staff members give informal talks and lectures to the general public, and members of the Department at all levels participate in science fairs and fund-raising events. The high-profile nature of our work regularly attracts attention from the media and many of the research successes in DPAG have also been discussed in books, popular articles and blogs.

Please visit our Activities page for more information about the outreach from various research groups.

We believe that it is particularly important to establish and build on contacts with the next generation of scientists in schools. This is achieved through visits to local schools and work experience placements in research labs, facilitated and enthusiastically supported by academics, postdocs and students, many of whom have children themselves. In addition,  at the University level, academics from DPAG participate in courses focused on inspiring children from a wide range of backgrounds, including schools without a tradition of sending children to the University, to apply for places at Oxford. 

For a list of the many Public Engagement resources available, please visit our webpage on Resources. Funding and training opportunities are listed here as they arise.