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International Women's Day profiles

Shared Parental Leave Policy and Experiences

100 Years of Women in Physiology

OPDC Research Team 2.6 Challenge April 2020

Departmental Garden Party, Merton College, July 2019

Departmental Garden Party, Merton College, July 2018

Departmental Away Day, Natural History Museum, July 2018

Interview with Dr Dayne Beccano-Kelly, November 2020

Abstract from Prof Deborah Goberdhan, July 2020

Interview with Dr Filipa Simões, January 2020

Interview with Prof Christine Mummery, October 2019

Interview with AS SAT member Dr Adam Packer, September 2019

Interview with Prof Heidi de Wet, July 2019

Interview with Prof Samira Lakhal-Littleton, June 2019

Inside the Wade-Martins Lab, April 2019

Abstract from Prof Ana Domingos, September 2018

Abstract from Prof Stephanie Cragg's lab, June 2018