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The Away Day is a celebration of the wealth of excellence we have here in DPAG and the passion and commitment to research and education that is shared across our community. The programme showcases the breadth of activity across the Department and features cross-departmental and interdisciplinary partnerships supporting our research. The away day provides an opportunity to network and to spark new opportunities for partnerships.

View the programme for the day here


Athena SWAN objectives: The aims are to:

1.     build a sense of community

  • provide the opportunity to network among our large staff body, opportunity to set up new collaborative partnerships
  • build a culture of collegiality and foster a sense of common purpose
  • promote inclusive values

 2.     communicate department successes and expertise

  • celebrate our achievements over the year in research and teaching
  • recognise and promote our outreach activity
  • provide a platform to highlight work of younger scientists, academic and support staff

The whole Department is expected to attend with speakers from different groups (HoD, support staff, academics, fellows, postdocs, graduate students), held core hours 9.00am-3.30pm with lunch provided.