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In the Department

WISE Lifetime Achievement Award: Professor Dame Kay Davies CBE - Interview filmed by WORLDbytes volunteers for the WISE (Women in Science Technology & Engineering) 2014 Awards night, 13 November 2014

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Women in Science articles on the blog

The Women in Science series provides talks from the support network OxFEST (Oxford Females in Engineering, Science and Technology) which aims to promote and encourage women in their scientific careers. The series provides information and resources, which may aid females in pursuing their careers. The series includes talks from a range of inspirational speakers with the overall goal to convince women out there that, although it may be challenging, it is possible for motivated women to succeed in science.

Athene Donald's Blog: Athene is a professor of physics at the University of Cambridge. She has an active interest in issues around women in science within the university (WiSETI) and outside (Athena Forum) and equality and diversity more generally; and a growing interest in education and science policy.

DiscovHer: The first online media showcasing women aking science happen. In particular this page introducing the #ChangeTheNumber study and the results of the international 'Women in Science' survey conducted by the L’Oréal Foundation.


Practical policies can combat gender inequalities
Nature, Vol 523, 2 July 2015

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The Telegraph,
11 July 2014

'Cloning' does not explain the lack of women at the top
The Guardian, 9 June 2014

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Faifhall lab blog,
University of Washington, USA

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The Guardian,
28 May 2014

Securing money for research is hard for everyone – but then there's the sexism
The Guardian,
15 April 2014

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New Scientist,
31 March 2014

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The Guardian
, 15 March 2014

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Times Higher Education,13 March 2014

Redefining success may help women achieve potential
Times Higher Education, 6 March 2014

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The Guardian,
24 February 2014

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BBC News, 20 February 2014

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The Merton Equality Conversation, 20 February 2014

MPs want more to be done to help women in science
Times Higher Education, 6 February 2014

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The Guardian, 9 November 2013

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The Guardian, 26 April 2013

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The Guardian, 22 April 2013

Lucky Jim — a male name is key to getting on in academia
The Times, 5 April 2013

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The Telegraph, 30 January 2013

Set quotas to get more women academics
The Telegraph, 29 January 2013

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The Guardian, 28 January 2013

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The Guardian, 23 January 2013

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The Guardian, 22 January 2013