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Please find below various mentoring and professional development schemes available to members of staff.

OLI mentoring pages
The Learning Institute coordinates and supports a range of mentoring schemes within the collegiate University.

Ad Feminam
Ad Feminam mentoring is intended to encourage women to explore their leadership potential within academic life, or within an administrative career, for example as leaders of departments and divisions or in university governance.

Springboard is an award winning personal and professional development programme, designed and developed by women for women. It has been created specifically to enable women to achieve their full potential both at work and in their personal lives. It is designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives. Women are less well represented in senior roles with in the University. Springboard provides women with a means by which we aim to address this concern.

Navigator Development Programme for Men
Navigator results in long term, high quality benefits for individuals and their organisations. Grounded in reality, it enables men to identify the clear and practical steps they want to take in their lives, and then develop the skills and determination to do something about them.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching in Higher Eductation
This 2 year part-time professional degree programme is intended for experienced academics working in the collegiate University who wish to enrich their understanding of student learning, improve their own teaching practice, and develop ideas for educational enhancement.