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Useful links

Athena SWAN website for more information on the impact of the charter outside the department.

Image result for university of oxford equality and diversity

Equality and Diversity Unit to find out how the University is committed to an inclusive working environment.

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Athena SWAN at the University of Oxford for more information on what the University as a whole is doing to implement the Athena Swan Charter.

Image result for stonewall diversity champion

Stonewall Diversity Champion to learn about the University's involvement in the Stonewall's Diversity Champions Programme, which ensures acceptance of LGBT staff in the workplace.

Image result for hr excellence in research

HR excellence in research to find out more about why the University has been recognised for a high standard of employee support.


OxFEST (Oxford Females in Engineering, Science and Technology) to find out what the University is doing to promote gender equality in STEM subjects.


WISE for more information on the campaign that is trying to promote gender equality in STEM subjects.

Image result for house of commons logo

Conclusions and recommendations on women in scientific careers made by the Science and Technology Select Committee, on the House of Commons website.