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The committee is advised by the divisional Athena SWAN co-ordinators, Tanya Baldwin and Charlotte Smith.

Julia Allen has worked for the University for twenty-one years, the last five of them in the Department as a Deputy Administrator and then as Operations Manager for HR and PA Support. She has two children.

Professor Victoria M Bajo Lorenzana is an Associate Professor in the Department working in auditory neuroscience with Prof Andrew King. She is a proud mother of two teenagers and happy to live her love for science in a dual career marriage.

Tania Boyt is Head of Administration and Finance, and has worked in the University’s Medical Sciences Division for the past 13 years. She is actively involved in mentoring across the University.

Vicky Bullett joined the Department recently as Communications Officer and Personal Assistant to the Head of Administration. She is also the secretary to the Athena SWAN Implementation Committee.

Professor Stephanie Cragg is Professor of Neuroscience and a Fellow of Christ Church. She works on neurotransmission in the basal ganglia in health and disease. Stephanie is part of a dual career family with two children at primary school.

Matthew French is the Department Finance Officer and Deputy to the Operations Manager of Finance. He is currently studying with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and as an Administration representative, contributes experience as a young professional in the early stage of his career.

Katrina Hadirampela

Professor David Paterson is Head of Department (HoD).

Dr Mark Richards is a Postdoctoral Researcher and a founding member of the Departmental Postdoctoral Society. He has two children in a dual career family

Professor Damian Tyler (Chair) is an Associate Professor and a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Research Fellow. He contributes experience as a junior academic with three small children, juggling work-life balance in a dual career marriage.

Dr Cristina Villa del Campo joined the Department in 2015 as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Paul Riley’s lab. She has been a member of the Departmental Postdoctoral Society since September 2015.

Eduard Willms is a DPhil student in Matthew Wood's lab and a graduate representative in the Department.