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An administrative team of 70 dedicated staff supports the Department's academic, research and teaching objectives and ensures its smooth running.

The team is responsible for all aspects of the financial, personnel and facilities management of the Department along with providing research facilitation, IT support, and the technical and teaching facilities required.

The Department sits within the University’s Medical Sciences Division, which includes the pre-clinical departments (Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics; Pathology and Pharmacology), all the clinical departments of the Medical School, plus the Departments of Biochemistry and the Department of Experimental Psychology. The Medical Sciences Division is the largest academic division of the four divisions within the University of Oxford and is an internationally recognized centre of excellence for biomedical and clinical research and teaching.

The Department is housed in four buildings of approximately 16,000 m² in total. The buildings, all in the University's Science Area include the Le Gros Clark Building, the Sherrington Building, which houses the Burdon Sanderson Cardiac Science Centre, the Henry Wellcome Building for Gene Function which was completed in October 2003 and the recently refurbished Tinsley Building in Mansfield Road now housing our Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour.

Reporting to the Head of Department, the Administrator is responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the six specialist Operations Managers and providing the Head of Department with all the operational support and information required to develop and deliver the strategic aims of the Department.